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Welcome to the PostScript Utility Package's home page.

Perseus Digital Library

David E. Joyce

Library to create PostScript files (C and Python)

PostScript Library (Don  Lancaster's Guru's Lair )

% name of textfile: fullgrid  (DL/Synergetics Jan 91 v1.0m)
% ....

% This file requires the previous download of
% available from

% Make sure the following line agrees with your location
% Use DOUBLE SLASHES anytime you want a single slash in a PS string.

  (C:\\windows\\desktop\\gonzo\\ run  % use internal gonzo

% This gives you a full portrait page gray 10X layout grid.
% Grids like this one are the starting point for most projects.

gutility begin             % turn on the gonzo utilities
nuisance begin             % turn on the nuisance commands
printerror                 % turn on the printing error trapper 

gonzo begin             

20 15 10 setgrid           % create a full page ten point grid
57 76 showgrid             % and show the grid

                           % the rest of your design goes in here.
                           % it will stay locked to the grid until
                           % a grestore.


% eof


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