Serge Haroche and David J. Wineland [2012 노벨 물리학상] by 바죠

[2012 노벨 물리학상]

Serge Haroche (Collège de France) 68 세  아로슈
David J. Wineland (NIST) 68 세  와인랜드

"ground-breaking experimental methods that enable measuring and manipulation of individual quantum systems".

"Their ground-breaking methods have enabled this field of research to take the very first steps towards building a new type of super fast computer based on quantum physics," the academy said. "The research has also led to the construction of extremely precise clocks that could become the future basis for a new standard of time.


좌: Wineland, 우: Haroche


최근 5년간 노벨 물리학상 정리
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The APS congratulates Serge Haroche and David Wineland, both Fellows of the APS, for their 2012 Nobel Prize in Physics. They and their collaborators have made significant advances in the realization of quantum phenomena with many beautiful experiments. Their abilitiy to manipulate atoms and photons to demonstrate fundamental aspects of quantum physics has been documented in many journal articles. We are very pleased that much of this seminal work has been published in the APS journals: Physical Review Letters, Physical Review A, and Reviews of Modern Physics. To honor these laureates and their collaborators, we have made freely available five of their many APS publications that demonstrate some of the key insights of their pioneering work. Please see also the full APS press release.

Selected APS journal articles that are Free To Read:


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